It's our birthday!

 15 Years ago I was 17 and had just finished a 2 year long course in business management, with the intent of opening a dog groomers.

I quickly realised that sculptures shed a lot less hair & left fewer teeth marks than live dogs,So I changed my business plan and opened Cavacast Pet Portraits & Sculpture in April 2002. (I had already been selling drawings as a sideline from the age of 14). Over the years I have had thousands of happy customers, a few requests for more unusual items ,designed trophies for prestigious dog shows & had my work featured in a handful of magazines, but most importantly my artwork has helped many people cope with the loss of their beloved pets.

In the last couple of years I have expanded into new avenues and my designs are now stocked in the Antique Centre York.Thank you to all the friends and customers who have supported me over the last 15 years,we'd love to hear how you are doing so why not pop over to my facebook page & share a picture of your pup.



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