Breed Spotlight : Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Breed Spotlight : Cavalier King Charles Spaniel



The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a 20th century recreation of the Original Breed Owned by Charles I.

The breed today comes in 4 recognised colours Blenheim , Tricolor , Ruby and black and tan, They once came in black and chocolate variations too but they are no longer allowed in the show ring

The Cavalier is a breed who is very outgoing and loves everyone. Though small -weighing on average 18lbs- they are still a Spaniel at heart and will enjoy chasing birds and long walks in the countryside.

They are low maintenance but being a long coated breed require at least weekly brushing and their teeth and ears kept clean.

Unfortunately they are prone to Heart disease, and neurological problems so only buy from a breeder who screens their breeding dogs.

They are also very prone to obesity so their diet and exercise needs to be closely monitored .




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