Spring 2020 News

Spring 2020 News

3D pet memorial creators Arty Lobster have launched a petition to call on the government to more tightly regulate the pet cremation industry to ensure that ‘one-pet cremations’ mean that our beloved pets’ ashes are not mixed with the remains of other animals.

visit change.org to learn more.

On new years eve we said goodbye to Oliver, after a botched surgery .

Life won't be the same without him trying to distract me every time I picked up a paintbrush & his rock and fosters cans collecting .

Jenny died last July during a dental. so we now have no pets. Though i have been trying to befriend a feline visitor to our garden

This year we have added  Rhodesian ridgeback and soft coated wheaten terrier to our range of dog breed sculptures and Urns. & have again had the honour of providing the artwork for the ETSCA show.





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